Rythmol (Propafenone)
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Product description: Rythmol treats irregular heartbeat and supports a normal heart rhythm.
Active Ingredient: Propafenone
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What, if any affect ,can the vagus nerve play in heart palpitations? Apparently, they are stored in the cell membranes of cardiac cells and play a role in controlling sodium and calcium channels which can affect the rhythm of the heart. Marie, actually some researchers have noted a connection between gastro intestinal issues and palpitations. My dermatologist has confirmed it, and so has my hairdresser. Remember after u take a deep breath and hold, breathe out as if you are blowing out a candle. I stay away from tea, coffee, coke etc. My hair falls out in full strands, not little peices. Also, the villi in the small intestines get gummed up with all kinds of stuff. I have been to the hospital, had an echo and all my electrolyte levels are normal. rythmol order via mail noticed immediate hair loss actually, within the first day of even taking it. Finally, who has not experienced that lump in the throat feeling accompanied by a pounding in the chest when experiencing strong emotions? Also, anyone know if adrenal disorders could be the problem? After she completed chemo, her hair would grow back as thick as before and she had been through it several times. By the end of the treatment, the redness and itching were completely gone. For example, in the case of congestive heart failure, scrotal edema will often improve when some of the stress on the heart is removed by medications. A pity, but there rythmol via mail order have it. I also believe in the power of prayer, which is likely my real reason for the improvement! I would also like to thank everyone for their postings, it helps to know that we are not alone! Yet, statistically, there are many of us, and we do need support. I have had constant regrowth, but lately it does seem to have slowed a good bit. Unfortunatly, this is singular be fitting of the adaptation effects be incumbent on beta blockers, along and several others. It is an on going battle, but it appears we have the same symptoms.